Who We Are
PBS is an Anesthesia-Only billing service, owned by an anesthesiologist who
knows the importance of having your billing managed at the highest level.

How We Make a Difference For Your Practice
We understand your concerns when it comes to billing.
PBS uses cutting edge tools and processes necessary to effectively manage
your monies through the various stages of the billing cycle. Large national billing
companies cannot provide the personal attention, experience and expertise that
anesthesia billing and collecting demands.

Make no mistake, coding and billing has become more complex and requires
the personalized attention that we offer. We continually refine our billing practices
while remaining flexible and adaptable to the continually changing landscape
of the billing process. We focus on every aspect of your revenue stream.
PBS is The Physician’s Choice to manage this single most important part of
your practice needs.
  • Owner Operated Since 1995
  • Specializing in Anesthesia-Only Billing
  • Accurate Management Reports
  • AHIMA Certified Coding
  • Fast Electronic Claims Submission
  • Complete Credentialing
  • Direct Deposits
  • No Hidden Fees
  • In-Office Consultation
  • Scheduling Service
  • Group Rates
  • State-of-the-Art Software
  • Customized Reporting to Fit Your Practice
  • HIPAA compliant
  • Experienced in Contract Negotiations
  • Extensive Follow-up
  • We built a service business on integrity, precision and excellence. After 17 years in the business, we proudly say we have a solid team and a profound understanding of the medical billing process. Please contact us and allow us to pair our anesthesia expertise with your specific needs.
    Ron and Judi
  • I feel at complete ease with PBS. With my prior billing company, I used to worry about my cases, how they got billed or even IF they got billed. I have been with PBS for over 15 years and I don't feel I have to check anything, except if I've turned my cases in.
    Terry Ambus, MD