• I feel at complete ease with PBS. With my prior billing company I used to worry about my cases, how they got billed, when they got billed or even IF they got billed. I have been with PBS for 22 years and I don’t have to check anything.

    Terry Ambus, MD Arizona
  • I trust Preferred Billing Services totally. I don’t worry about looking at the details.

    Huong Le, MD Arizona
  • It has been nothing but a pleasure working with PBS. I don’t worry about monthly collections because the PBS staff treat my money as if it was their own.

    Tom Cannon, MD Utah
  • PBS has been exceptional.  I was with another company first, but switched over despite PBS being in another state, and I haven't regretted it at all.  They are very prompt in answering any questions and make it simple to access my records and send in billing slips.  Very personable staff as well!

    Jeff Wright, MD Utah
  • Billing with PBS has been a pleasure. The ease of communication and transparency have made me very confident in how my billings are handled. If questions ever arise they are responded to within the day and resolved quickly. Ron's depth of understanding of the anesthesia market has been crucial to me and to our group in understanding our own billings as well as improving the interaction with our hospital's administration.

    Ryan Murphy, MD Utah