Physician Documentation:
This is where revenue cycle management begins. We work very closely with every practice to establish documentation protocols for accurate case submission. This critical process facilitates clean, compliant claims that decrease your compliance risk.

Patient Data Collection:
We establish practice driven communication to seamlessly import patient details into our anesthesia specific software.  We continually verify and update patient information with the facility, patient or surgical offices to ensure an uninterrupted billing process.

Charge Capture and Entry:
AAPC Certified coders with anesthesia specific training, code your cases for maximum unit values. We perform charge review analysis – a second level review of physician documentation – for every case to validate the accuracy of data capture and support each code capture. Physicians receives charge entry reporting to easily view the units, modifiers and reporting time on every patient account.

Claims Submission:
Our claim submission is strategic and based solely on your contracted carriers and patient population.  We submit clean and compliant claims and then follow up with aggressive denial management.

Claims appeals submitted by PBS are written by seasoned billing professionals. Our appeals are patient and claims specific, not prefilled auto-appeals offered by third parties.

Payment Application:
Line item review, payment review and contract verification provides accuracy of reimbursement from all payer types. We employ effective reporting tools to identify payer specific reimbursement and provide weekly financial reports with payment details and income summaries for your practice.

Patient Services:
When it comes to patient payments, we go the extra mile – supporting patients with claims appeals and creating payment plans that yield real returns. As an extension of your practice, we treat every patient with the utmost dignity and respect. Collection agencies are employed only as a last resort.  We don’t have a stake in the companies we use so there is no conflict of interest. We work for you, and our goal is always the highest reimbursement possible.